Just recently, we were made aware (thanks, reader in Argentina) of one of those epic stories that’s full of symbolism.

We don’t need to explain to anyone how important soccer teams are in Europe and throughout Latin America.  In the ranking of countries that are most passionate about soccer, Argentina has a place of honor.  Our readers will also know that we ourselves aren’t really fans of the sport.  But when we do come across something interesting that happens to be about soccer, we love to dive in.

And this is one of those cases.  This is a story, or The Story, of an Argentine team that’s been around for over 100 years.  We’re talking about Racing Club de Avellaneda, which is headquartered in this town in Greater Buenos Aires, was founded in 1903, and which has a record that seems to us to be almost impossible to match.

As they say in the articles we’re referencing, it’s “the greatest feat any Argentine cub has reached in first division anywhere in the Americas, anywhere in the southern hemisphere, anytime in the 20th century, and in any big league: become champion seven years straight, between 1913 and 1919”.

That’s what made, and makes, this Argentine club so special.

But why are we blogging about this team and its achievements?  Because on April 23, at the club’s headquarters, journalist Edgardo Martolio is going to present his book”Racing Hepta“, which remembers this amazing achievement reached a century ago.

And as Javier Manes tells us in his article on the Revista Noticias website, the Basques were protagonists in this story.  Not only were they good players on the pitch, but in all aspects of the club.  As the journalist recalls, it’s no coincidence that back in those days, the second major sport the club played was “paddle ball”.

We love the end of the article:
“el espíritu que envolvía a Racing en su paso firme, determinado, digno y esforzado respondía a una inteligencia y disciplina vascas.”
The spirit that enveloped Racing it its firm, determined, dignified, and earnest pace was due to Basque intelligence and discipline.”

Yes, yes, in the end we can’t (and won’t) hide the fact that when we’re spoken so highly of, we like it and get a little emotional.

No Basque team has reached that feat, yet.  But we can’t forget that of the 20 teams playing in the Spanish Premier League in 2019-20, five are Basque.  Yes: a full quarter of the top teams in Spain are from a region that represents but 7% of the kingdom’s population.  Not bad.

Congratulations to “Racing Hepta” and here’s hoping they’ll continue creating more exciting history.

Noticias Perfil – 18/4/2020 -Argentina

Racing Club: hazaña con sangre Vasca

“Racing Hepta” conmemora los 100 años de un récord deportivo único, en el que mucho tuvieron que ver los inmigrantes de Euskadi.

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