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Suakai is a truly interesting project.  It brings together a large number of professional Navarrese musicians and offers more than 350 themes adapted to the more than 40 groupings currently being offered to customers.  They even offer full shows.

And we’re talking about them because we’d like to offer you one of our “off-topic” entries we really enjoy.

Suakai has just released a video playing the famous theme music from “Game of Thrones”, that show that filmed quite a few scenes for its seventh season around the Basque Country.  So, to film the video, they used locations at castles built during the Kingdom of Navarre era that are still standing, which make up a series of constructions called “The Route of Castles and Fortresses of Navarre”.

Some of these are perfectly preserved, while others are only in ruins, and still others, such as Amaiur Castle, only the site remains: in 1522, those loyal to King Henry II of Navarre were defending it, and when they were defeated by the troops fighting for Charles V (of the Holy Roman Empire, or Charles I of Spain), it was completely destroyed.  Others, like the Castle of Xavier, were also destroyed by the victors of that war, but it was rebuilt at the end of the 19th century.

The list of castles seen in the video is:

The walls of Artaxona, Amaiur Castle, Cortes Castle, Castle of Xavier, Castle of Marcilla, Palace of the Kings of Navarre in Olite, the Pamplona Citadel, Santacara Castle, Tiebas Castle, Fortress and Church of Ujué, and the collection of monuments in Viana

It’s a beautiful way to remember the buildings that make up such an important part of the history of the Land of the Basques


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