La fiesta de San Ignacio de Loiola es todo un acontecimiento en Boise. Los vascos de esa zona de los USA han conseguido que se convierta en un evento del que hablan, profusamente, los medios de comunicación. Aquí les dejamos unos cuantos ejemplos.

Además, Henar Chico nos cuenta en su blog cómo, aprovechando la festividad de San Ignacio, un artista vasco, Dennis Berriochoa Downes. ha donado a aquel Centro Vasco un altorelieve en bronce de San Valentin de Berriotxoa, otro santo vasco y copatrón, junto con San ignacio, de los bizkainos.

A Basque in Boise – 29/7/2011 – USA

Nationally-Recognized Basque Artist to Donate Bronze High Relief Sculpture to Basque Museum and Cultural Center

Dennis Berriochoa Downes, a nationally-recognized Basque artist, will donate a bronze high relief sculpture to the Basque Museum & Cultural Center at a ceremony on the Basque Block to begin the Basque festival celebration at 5:30 pm on Friday, July 29. The public is invited to attend a ceremony with local and state leaders and members of the Basque community, to celebrate the life of Saint Valentin Berrio-Ochoa, patron saint of the Basque province of Bizkaia, and to receive the gift of a high relief bronze sculpture of his likeness from Downes.



KTVB – 29/7/2011 -USA

Basque Festival preparations underway

The annual Basque Festival is taking over downtown Boise. It is a weekend celebration where everyone gets a taste of the Basque Country and culture. KTVB’s Natalie Podgorski spent the morning downtown as people set up for the festival. While the set up happened outside, many people were indoors, playing Pala, a traditional Basque sport.


————— KIVI TV – 29/7/2011 – USA

San Inazio Festival this weekend

We all know the city of Boise has a large Basque community and this weekend the San Inazio Festival will be filling the streets of downtown. Ysabel Bilbao said, “We are having our annual Basque Festival here of San Inazio, last year we had Jailaldi, which a lot of people attended and this is more of our annual festival which goes on with the five years of Jailaldi”.


—————– NWCN – 30/7/2011 – USA

Boiseko Gazteak teaches kids Basque dancing, culture


It’s a great time to be Basque this weekend. But if you’re not Basque, it’s still a chance to have a great time in downtown Boise as the Saint Ignatius Festival is well underway. The festival is about Basque food, Basque music and Basque dancing. And most kids learn Basque dancing by being in Boiseko Gazteak.



FOX – KRTV – 31/7/2011 – USA

Celebrating Boise’s ‘San Inazio’ Basque Festival

— San Inazio — The Patron Saint of The Basque people — brings thousands of fun-loving party goers together every summer in July. That’s when Boise’s Euzkaldunak, or Basque community, shuts down Boise’s Basque block and stages a festival in his honor. Officially, the event celebrates the famous Spanish saint who formed the society of Jesuits in 1541. Unofficially, it’s an excuse for families and friends to unite and share Basque food, drink, dancing, and other cultural activities.






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