Dos restaurantes de Gipuzkoa, Arzak y Elcano, son el centro de interés de este reportaje del Financial Times. Un artículo que acaba recomendando visitar San Sebastián.  Muy interesante

Financial Times – 28/1/2011 – USA

Basque glories

Arzak kitchen A glimpse into the kitchen at Arzak

The revolution that swept through the kitchens of Spain began, so the story goes, in the city of San Sebastián. Two French chefs, Paul Bocuse and Raymond Oliver, travelled to Madrid in 1979 to give a culinary demonstration, and two young Basque chefs in the audience, Juan Mari Arzak and Pedro Subijana, left inspired. They returned to San Sebastián and in turn influenced many others – Arzak has, for example, made a particularly beneficial impression on Heston Blumenthal. (sigue)

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