El grupo vasco, de Zarautz, Delorean actúa en la sala en la sala The Independent de la ciudad californiana de San Francisco, presentando seguramente, algunas de sus canciones de siempre, junto  temas e su nuevo disco APAR (espuma, en euskera).

La periodista, Kimberly Chun,  publica en la web San Francisco Gate,  un artículo con una entrevista a los miembros de este grupo. Nos ha resultado muy llamativo que les defina como un grupo barcelonés, cuando es un grupo vasco que, en estos momentos, reside en Barcelona. Algo que es muy diferente.

En la entrevista se habla de sus características como grupo, de su nuevo disco y de la experiencia que vivieron en México City, cuando fueron víctimas de un “secuestro virtual”.

Les dejamos el artículo de SFGate, la informacion de la sala The Independent sobre la actuación de este grupo, y el vídeo del tema que da título a su último disco.

Por cierto, las entradas a 18$(por adelantado) o 20$ antes del concierto.

San Francisco Gate – 5/2/2014 – USA

Delorean gets back to its future in wake of kidnapping

Delorean melds traditional rock instrumentation and the digital domain on its new work “Apar.” Photo: Nacho Vidal

Tossed by the currents of fate yet determined to hold it together – that might be the operating principal for Barcelona band Delorean, recognized in indie circles for its evocative take on synthpop and perhaps best known beyond that realm for its nightmarish “virtual kidnapping” experience last fall in Mexico City. The name and image gracing the quartet’s latest album, “Apar,” meaning “froth” in Basque, plays eerily into that resolved, go-with-the-flow paradigm – its two linked crosses drifting with the waves. “They’ve been thrown into the sea and are holding on to each other,” vocalist-bassist Ekhi Lopetegi says of the image, from North Carolina. “The crosses are related to unconditional commitment to the other, and the foam is related to the fluidity and non-consistency of things. The tension between the two pulls together pretty well what the record is about.”

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Sala The Independent – /2/2014 – USA


Delorean is an unheard of scenario in popular music. 4 guys from the Basque country currently based in Barcelona, free as air, high on O2, who have gradually moved away fromthe punk scene, and are now ready to embrace the kind of club music that a pop band would play.
In 2008, Delorean became focused on the remix business, working on tracks for The Teenagers, The Mystery Jets, The Big Pink, Lemonade and Glasser, which garneredsupport from Pitchfork, The Fader or XL8R as well as many other popular music websites.

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