En el foro de la web de coleccionista y vendedor de antigüedades Old Coleman Parts, uno de los participantes nos ofrece una receta del pan que preparaban los pastores vascos de principios del siglo XX que vagaban por el oeste de USA cuidando los rebaños de ovejas.

Aquí se la dejamos por si alguien se anima

PD: buscando una foto de Basque Sheepherder Bread para ilustrar esta información nos hemos encontrando con un preciosoartículo de la Radio Publica USA de mayo de 2008, que habla de los pastores vascos en el oeste americano. Por su interés, se la dejamos aquí también

Old Coleman Parts Forum – 4/10/2013 – USA

Basque Sheepherder Bread

This is a recipe that is made in a dutch oven cooked in a conventional stove.  I have not made it myself, but I have had the privilege to sample it on numerous occasions. It has a cake-like quality, on the sweet side, dense yet spongy.  Quite amazing.  If you have the patience to bake, this one will blow your hat back.  The loaf is quite impressive in size.

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NPR – 29/5/20o8 -USA

The Sheepherder’s Ball: Hidden Basque Kitchens

A herder holds freshly baked bread outside his wagon. The sheepwagon is a camp on wheels with beds, a table, and a wood stove. It was pulled in the early days by a team of horses and later by a pickup.


Maybe you’ve been to Sparks, Nev., to John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino. He’s been there for nearly 50 years. We were interviewing Mr. Ascuaga for our story for our series. He began to tell us about his Basque heritage and what led him to Nevada. The «Hidden Kitchens» series was not on the horizon then, but like we always do, we began asking him about the food of home.

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