Cada Pascua se celebra en Baiona una feria llena de historia, sabor, y fiesta: Le Foire au Jambon. Este año la celebración ha sido entre los días 5 y 8 de abril, y aquí les dejamos la crónica que ha hecho Kate Hill en su web Kitchen at camont. La verdad es que es toda una fiesta. Una fiesta en Iparralde al más clásico estilo vasco: comida, bebida, y mucha gente por la calle cantando de local en local. Puro País Vasco.

Kitchen at camont -10/4/02012 – Francia/Gran Bretaña

Jambon de Bayonne en fête! A Basque Country road trip with Kate

What’s red and green and red and white… and ham all over?. The Foire au Jambon in the colorful Basque port of Bayonne. A memory of a Bayonne surfaces from a long ago road trip looking for marine goods along the Atlantic coast for my barge, the Julia Hoyt. Rope, cord, and lines I was searching. I drove along the river port of the Adour outside of Bayonne in the very southwest of  Southwest France looking for some fishermen, a working boat or chandlery.  The newly fitted nose of wooden fishing boat peeked out of an over-sized hanger; I braked for a quick look inside. Yes. Men working with wood and fiber glass, paint and canvas. Ocean going small fishing boats. Sturdy, serious and hard-working. The boats and the men. I knew they would know. I have a nose for these things.

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