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El instituto sin animo de lucro Praxis Peace Institute, con sede en California, ha organizado un seminario en la sede del Gupo Mondragon entre los días 13 y 18 de octubre. El objetivo del mismo es explicar cómo funciona el “leading consortium of cooperatives in the world”

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Huffington Post-13/10/2010 – USA

An Alternative to Cutthroat Capitalism

Praxis Peace Institute (my Sonoma, CA non-profit organization) brought a group of 25 people for a 5-day seminar and tour of the Mondragón Cooperatives in the Basque region of Spain, September 13-18, 2010.

There was a popular phrase among some politicians a few years back that proclaimed, “there is no alternative” (TINA) to the status quo of neoliberal capitalism. After spending one week at the educational center of the Mondragón Cooperatives in the Basque Country of Spain, it is crystal clear: There is an alternative! And, the Basques have proven it with their model of worker-owned businesses that has flourished over the past 55 years. (sigue)

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