Mark Bieter es ya un viejo conocido de los lectores habituales de esta web. Abogado y periodista norteamericano, con ascendencia vasca, tiene un blog, que ya hemos referenciado en numerosas ocasiones, que a nosotros nos encanta.

En esta ocasión vamos a utilizar dos fantásticos, y divertidísimos,  artículos que ha escrito sobre los Sanfermines, para prologar la recopilación de informaciones que sobre esta fiesta y sus encierros, hemos ido haciendo a lo largo de estas semanas. Los hemos incluido en nuestro servicio y sabemos que la selección ira creciendo en fechas próximas, ya que no hay día que no nos encontramos una información nueva y de interés.

Bieterbog- 8/7/2013 – USA

Rooting for the bulls in Pamplona


When I was younger and braver, I once ran from the bulls.  Don’t be impressed by that.  It was a poor man’s version of the real thing at the San Fermin fiestas, which are going on now in Pamplona (and if you’ve never seen it, here’s a good video from yesterday; there are some excellent photos here).  My cheap imitation happened in the Basque town of Donostia (San Sebastian in Spanish) at midnight, in a cobbled square of the old section of town.  They barricaded the streets around and brought in some scrawny bulls that looked like they’d seen better days and lost a step or two, and they probably couldn’t have knocked over an empty garbage can at full charge.  Even then, the organizers wrapped padding around the horns just to be on the safe side.

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Bieterblog-17/7/2013 – USA

Rooting for the bulls in Pamplona (a postscript)

One of the advantages of a writing a blog is you always learn things from your readers.  Most recently, I’ve learned something about my personal history and about animal husbandry. Last week I posted about my experience during a junior varsity running of the bulls I found myself doing back in the day.  To be fair, I didn’t embellish the story.  I admitted that I never got near the animals, which were skinny and past their prime, and that I had been more mouse than man.

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