Traemos hoy dos recetas de garbanzos al estilo vasco tal y como se preparan en el oeste de los USA. La información que recogemos ha partido de la propuesta gastronómica que hace el diario californiano Hanford Sentinel.

Pero hemos decidido incorporar una segunda opción de receta, proveniente de The Martin Hotel, un restaurante vasco en Nevada, y que publica el blog de cocina The Friday Friends.

Les dejamos las dos opciones…On egin!!!!!!

The Friday Friends – 21/11/2011 – Nevada

Spicy Sausage with Hominy


Last Wednesday, we had a business dinner to attend.  I didn’t really want to go, but the Handyman felt we should, so I am there for him, and off we went. The dinner was held at a local Basque Restaurant, The Martin Hotel.  It’s an old Basque Boarding house… the Basque people came over from  Europe  (the Pyrenees mountain area between Spain and France) originally as sheep herders.  They set up boarding houses for the young men away from their families.

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Hanford Sentinel – 6/2/2013 – USA

Basque-style garbanzo beans

Santa Maria tri-tip barbecue traditionally includes pinquito beans, native to the area. But these savory Basque-style beans provide a perfect side dish. 1 pound dried garbanzo beans, cleaned and soaked in water overnight A few hunks of Trader Joe’s uncured applewood-smoked bacon ends and pieces (or 5 strips of thick bacon, or 1 smoked turkey wing or a smoked ham hock).

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