Se trata de la edición numero 51 de la Fiesta de los Pastores Vascos que se celebra en esta población de Idaho, situada a unos 60 km de Boise. Es curioso que esta noticia que leemos el dia 9, lleve fecha del dia 11.

Mountain Home News – 11/2/2011 – USA

Sheepherder’s Ball set for Feb. 26

The Oinkari Dancers from Boise will showcase traditional Basque dances during this year's Sheepherders Ball. The performance is expected to culminate with the Ikurriña, or flag dance, which pays respect to their native homeland and remains an importance symbol of the Basque people. Photo by Brian S. Orban

Basques from Mountain Home and surrounding communities will gather later this month to celebrate their culture and share it with others during the 51st Annual Basque Sheepherders’ Ball. (sigue)

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