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La Vasconia, the oldest bakery in Mexico City, and heritage of...

Panaderia La Vasconia, Mexico
The La Vasconia Bakery, opened 152 years ago, is the oldest bakery in Mexico City, and is the work of Basques, just like Corona beer

A Basque missionary is fighting to preserve the Montubia culture of...

Lugar donde se construirá el museo de la cultura montubia en Ecuador
Alava-born missionary Juan Ramón Etxebarria has helped create the first Montubia culture museum in Ecuador

The Basques before the independence of the Viceroyalty of New Granada...

Batalla de Boyacá. Óleo de Martín Tovar y Tovar, París, 1880.
Basque-Colombian John Alejandro Ricaurte presents us with the Basques' contribution to the independence process of New Granada.

December 18 (1681), the Day the Guild of Aránzazu of Mexico...

Atrio convento de San Francisco México, donde estaba la capilla de la Cofradía de Nuestra Señora de Aránzazu de México
On this day in 1681, the notary act that created the legal entity of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Aránzazu of Mexico City was...

Christmas Message from the Lehendakari to the Basque Community Abroad

Lehendakari Urkullu Mensaje Fin de Año 2019
2021 Christmas message from the Lehendakari to the Basque Community Abroad

A concert, with works by Arriaga, from the Amadeus Orcehstra at...

Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga
The Amadeus Chamber Orchestra on Cultura Musical 91.1 FM has put on a concert at the Laurak Bat Center in Buenos Aires, where it is rehearsing

Emiliana de Zubeldia and Ravel in the Batura Concert Series in...

Emiliana de Zubeldia pianista vasca en México
A new concert of music by composers of the Basque diaspora at the second edition of the Batura series.

Basques and the Independence of Chile: History intertwines, by Pedro Oyanguren

Primera Junta del Gobierno de Chile (1810)
An article and two books led by Basque-Chilean Pedro Oyanguren as a part of our series on the independence of the New World Republics tell us all about Chile

The second “Batura Zikloa”, rescuing forgotten music in the diaspora, starts...

The 2nd Batura Zikloa, sharing the works of Basque composers who emigrated to the Americas and honed their craft there, starts this Sunday

Francisco Igartua: Traces of the Basques in the History of Peru

Batalla de Ayacucho by Martín Tovar y Tovar (1827 - 1902)
On the anniversary of 'Oiga' magazine, we bring you an article by its founder and director, Paco Igartua, about the role of the Basques in Peru