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2021 Day of the Basque Diaspora: Lehendakari’s Closing Message #EuskalDiaspora

Lehendakari dia de la diáspora 2021
We close our series of entries on the 2021 Day of the Basque Diaspora with a message sent by the Basque Government and the Lehendakari in an official event on this red-letter day

The Colegio de las Vizcaínas School during Mexico’s struggle for independence

Grabado de la fachada del Colegio de San Ignacio de Loyola - Vizcaínas
Ana Rita Valera, director of the Historical Archive, and Lizzeth Armenta, Museum Curator, tell us of the role of the Vizcaínas School in Mexico's struggle for independence

Three Basque migrations to Venezuela over 500 years of history

Xabier Amézaga, son of Basque intellectual Vicente Amézaga and compiler of the latter's works, writes for us on the mark the Basques left on Venezuela as part of the series on the bicentennial of the independence of the New World republics

254 years since the opening of the Colegio de San Ignacio...

Colegio de las Vizcaínas. México
On September 9, the Colegio de San Ignacio de Loyola – Vizcaínas School, founded by the Basques living in Mexico City in the 18th century, celebrates its "birthday"

A Missionary’s Greetings from the Bishop of Yurimaguas on the Day...

Saludo de Monseñor Aristín en el Día de la Diaspora Vasca 2021
The Bishop of Yurimaguas, Basque Passionist Jesús María Aristín, sends greetings and blessings to the global Basque Community

On the birthday of Basque-Peruvian journalist “Paco” Igartua, when his voice...

Francisco "Paco" Igartua
Today, September 5, is the 98th anniversary of the birth of Basque-Peruvian journalist Francisco "Paco" Igartua

Thoughts from the Basque Diaspora on the situation in Afghanistan

Limako Arantzazu Eusko Etxea - Lima Basque Center has sent us a statement analyzing the consequences of the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban

St-Pierre-et-Miquelon, the heirs of the 15th century Basque whalers are still...

Fiestas vascas de Saint Pierre et Miquelon 2021
The Basques on the French islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence still preserve and celebrate their Basque heritage, as we can see in this report on their annual festival

The Independence of Peru: Thoughts, valid for all democracies, on its...

Desembarco de José de San Martin, Libertador del Perú, en Paracas
Josu Legarreta shares his thoughts on the causes of the birth of the New World republics and the dangers they face in the 21st century

“Joining Forces” The Day of the Basque Diaspora 2021. How...

Día de la Diáspora Vasca 2020
The Day of the Basque Diaspora is fast approaching. The Basque Government is putting together a virtual agenda of all the activities being organized all over the world to celebrate.