Dani Ibargüen (Peter, the Basque) Visits His Family

And now we come to Donald Peter “Dani” Ibargüen, known as Peter the Basque.  As we stated, he was born on May 13, 1932, though his military file shows that he was born on May 13, 1929, meaning he either served at the age of 15, or falsified his birthdate to make it look like he was 18; we assume this because there are no others named Donald P. Ibargüen in the New York phone books.

Donald Peter Ibarguen. Ficha militar
Donald Peter Ibargüen’s military file, dated Feb. 24, 1947.  He served in the New York Guard, 1st Company of the 12th Infantry.







Donald Peter Ibarguen. Tarjeta militar
Donald Peter Ibargüen’s military card


Dani Peter Ibargüen juventud

We don’t have much information about his first 30 years, which we suppose he spent in New York, given that his address in 1947 was 33 East 84th.  Adventurer and athlete, he practiced many sports, including skydiving.  He was very proud of his dive with the ikurriña flying, as can be seen in the photo below.

Another anecdote about his character and his love of his forebears’ home, his personalized license plate read “EL VASCO”

Coche de Donald Ibarguen
Donald Ibargüen’s car

Compañeros de paracaidismo
Donald’s skydiving friends

Dani paracaidismo con ikurriña
Donald skydiving with the ikurriña


Dani Ibargüen con su familia
Donald Peter Ibargüen with his family

Donald’s (Dani’s) visit to his family

A few years after the death of his father and his mother’s 1961 visit, Donald took the plunge to cross the pond and meet the family of his that had stayed in the Basque lands he’d never known.

He reached Balmaseda not speaking a word of Spanish, and showed up at his cousins’ house, leaving them speechless.  They took him in with love and excitement, getting to meet a relative who had come from so far just to meet them.

During his stay, he joined them on a tour of the Basque lands while he told them of his life in New York.  During one of those conversations, he told his family that his father, Ignacio Ibargüen, was one of those on the beam high above the city of skyscrapers.

Donald Peter Ibargüen (at the time, then Peter D. Ibargüen), died of bone cancer on Sept. 1, 2000, aged 68, as can be seen on his FamilySearch page.

Donald Peter Ibarguen. Ficha defunción.

Photo gallery of Donald Ibarguen with his family

Galería de fotos de Donald Ibarguen con su familia



Donald (Dani, Peter) Ibargüen, el Vasco


Thanks to Javier Ibargüen for all the information he provided to write these articles.  Thanks also to Iñaki Ibargüen (RIP) and his wife Mari Carmen Artatxo.  Thanks to all of them and to the person who brought us all this information in a dossier, which made writing it a breeze..

Warm greetings to the Ibargüen family, hoping to see if anyone else has any more information they’d like to share.

Harresi – /3/2021 – Euskadi

Dani Ibargüen (Peter, el Vasco) visita a su familia

Y ahora vamos con Donald Peter (Dani) Ibargüen, conocido como Peter, el vasco. Ya quedó indicado que nació el 13/05/1932, aunque en su ficha militar figura que nació el 13 de mayo de 1929, servicio que realizó con tan solo 15 años, a no ser que falsificara la fecha de nacimiento para hacer creer que tenía 18 años, porque no figura ningún otro Donal P. Ibarguen en los listados de Nueva York.

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