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A Basque cider festival in Brooklyn. Sagar Handia Fest 2024 at...

Sagar Handia Fest 2024 New Yrok
On March 17, the New York Basque Center will be hosting the 2024 Sagar Handia Fest in Brooklyn

The Basque Bamboo: the Autumn Cocktail in New York

Basque Bamboo Bar Vinazo Brooklyn NYC -  LIZZIE MUNRO
A new cocktail made of Basque vermouth, Basque cider, and dry sherry, a variant of the Bamboo called the Basque Bamboo, is taking over Brooklyn

The most famous “anonymous Basque” in the world is now identified…and...

Lunch atop a Skyscraper , de Charles C. Ebbets
The story of a Basque who was one of the protagonists of one of the most widely shared and famous photos in history