If you’re as much an “expert” in cocktails as we are, upon reading the name “Basque Bamboo” in the title, you might be thinking that you had no idea there was a type of bamboo native to this corner of Europe; immediately after that, you may have wondered how a plant could be a cocktail.

Well, we were thoroughly confused, so we looked it up.  The Bamboo is a cocktail made of equal parts of Martini and dry sherry.  We found that out on the Punch website, based in Washington and dedicated to all things related to adult drinks.  We originally discovered it when we wrote our article on the marianito.  They also tell us that this 50/50 combination has given way to a constellation of different variants, as we can see with a quick search on the same website.

The latest variation of the Bamboo, also on the Punch website, is in an article by Mary Anne Porto, with the adjective “Basque” in front.  Why?  Well, because it’s made with a vermouth made of hondarribi zuri grapes called Tximista Vermouth and being presented as Txakoli Vermouth.

This is the creation of Joe Campanale, co-owner of the Bar Vinazo in Brooklyn. 

Tximista Vermouth
Tximista Vermouth

But that’s not the only thing Basque to be found in the cocktail.  It turns out you also need to add Basque cider.  However, unlike the vermouth, no brand is specifically required, though Isastegi or Órdago Iberiko are recommended.

As the article’s author says, “a cocktail that’s gunning for the title of drink of fall (in my book), … in fact, it fit well within the menu this summer, too—but to me, it’s everything I want to drink right now.”

So, there’s yet another Basque drink taking over the US in the line of other drinks we’ve also covered, such as Picon Punch, which has become the drink that represents Idaho.

We’ll leave you with the article introducing this drink, and the “magic formula” to prepare it.

Punch – 11/2023 – USA

It’s Not a Bamboo, It’s a Basque Bamboo

The PSL recently celebrated two decades of existence, and if there’s anything more trite than corporations trotting out new dessert-based beverages each year, it’s spilling ink poking fun at them. For whatever reason, fall makes a beverage girlie go feral, and that is simply a rule that dictates this time of year, like shifting back from daylight savings.

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Punch – 11/2023 – USA

Basque Bamboo

At Brooklyn’s Bar Vinazo, the Basque Bamboo is a cross between the sherry classic and a spritz. The cocktail gets its name from two ingredients, a Basque blanco vermouth and a Basque cider, which put an acidic, briny, bubbly spin on the template. This Bamboo can easily be batched for a crowd; simply combine all ingredients, minus the cider, and top à la minute

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Basque Bamboo Bar Vinazo Brooklyn NYC – LIZZIE MUNRO

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