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The Basque Bamboo: the Autumn Cocktail in New York

Basque Bamboo Bar Vinazo Brooklyn NYC -  LIZZIE MUNRO
A new cocktail made of Basque vermouth, Basque cider, and dry sherry, a variant of the Bamboo called the Basque Bamboo, is taking over Brooklyn

The best semi-sweet vermouth in the world? Basque. And...

Vermouth Astobiza ©Foto Pablo Urkiola
The World Vermouth Awards have just awarded Astobiza vermouth, from Alava, with the title of the best semi-sweet vermouth in the world in 2021

Basque wines and Eric Asimov, the ‘NYT’ wine critic

Eric Asimov vinos New York Times
The wine critic at the 'New York Times' gives us an amazing overview of Basque wines in his column