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Basque whalers in Iceland on the website of the US Library...

Mapa de Islandia Abraham Ortelius 1587 Ruderman Antique Maps Inc
The blog of the Library of Congress has dedicated an entry to the 32 Basque whalers who were killed in Iceland in 1615

The Uniting Voices Chicago choir will sing Basque music

Miembros de Kreatibü en Bermeo
The prestigious Uniting Voices Chicago choir will play two popular Basque songs prepared by Kreatribü from Bermeo

The frontón in Grand Junction, Colorado is on its way to...

Frontón de Gran Junction, Colorado (fotografia Colorado Euskal Etxea)
The Grand Junction frontón has gone from being at risk of being torn down to becoming a protected historic building

When First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt met her adopted Basque son

Eleanor Roosevelt en su visita a Gran Bretaña de 1942 con sus hijos «adoptados»
In November 1942, the First Lady of the United States traveled to Great Britain, in part to meet the children she had "adopted"

A Basque café in the heart of LA, under the direction...

Un plato del Café Basque en los Angeles
Michelin star chef Daniel Rose has opened a Café Basque at the Hoxton Hotel in LA, based on the cuisine of our country

What Portland, Ore. could learn from the transformation of Bilbao

El Museo Guggenheim Bilbao diseñado por Frank Gehry. (Foto : s- Taylor Griggs:BikePortland)
The BikePortland website has published an article about the lessons Portland could learn from the transformation of Bilbao

Saveur: a dozen dishes from the Pyrenees (that is, Basque), and...

Pollo estofado vasco con pimientos (Fotografía Beth Galton)
Two magnificent articles on the website of the American magazine 'Saveur' about Basque cuisine, written for those not in the know

Kerman Mirena Iriondo, the Basque war child who was “adopted” by...

This article was translated by John R. Bopp This time, Basque-American writer Vince J. Juaristi has left us dumbfounded.  We’ve been following his magnificent series of...

National Geographic 1968: A look back, to 45 years ago, at...

This article was translated by John R. Bopp In August of 1968, National Geographic published an outstanding 37-page article titled “Land of the Ancient Basques”.  It...