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The Basque Bamboo: the Autumn Cocktail in New York

Basque Bamboo Bar Vinazo Brooklyn NYC -  LIZZIE MUNRO
A new cocktail made of Basque vermouth, Basque cider, and dry sherry, a variant of the Bamboo called the Basque Bamboo, is taking over Brooklyn

The true history of the Burnt Basque Cheesecake, from La Viña...

De la pequeña cocina de este pequeño bar-restaurante de la Parte Vieja de Donostia/San Sebastián ha salido la tarta de queso vasco que ha conquistado el mundo. (fotografía Cecilia Alvarez-Hevia Arias)
Condé Nast Traveler has published the true history of the Burnt Basque Cheesecake, an invention of La Viña in San Sebastian which has taken over the world

The ‘New York Post’ publishes an article about the “Basque” cookery...

Juego de cocina [BASQUE]
The 'New York Post' has reported on a set of cast-iron pots and pans being sold under the brand name "Basque."

Sharing the Basque vermouth cocktail “marianito” with the world

Social Marianito, Basque-Negroni. Cocktail Recipe Fotografóa: LIZZIE MUNRO
Puch, a US website specializing in alcoholic drinks, has just published an amazing article about the very popular Basque drink "marianito."

The Mondragón Co-op, a model for Ohio co-ops

La delegación de Co-op Cincy en la sede de las Cooperativas Mondragon
A Cincy Co-op delegation has traveled to the Basque Country from Ohio to learn about the Mondragón co-op, which they recognize as their model

Two articles on Basque and the “miracle” of its survival

Traditional Basque folk dancers performing in Bilbao.  Image credit- Laiotz:Shutterstock.com
Big Think and IFL Science, on the same day, publish articles about Basque, how it's an isolate, and its ability to survive

The AIA grants the Guggenheim Bilbao an award it deserves, though...

Guggenheim Bilbao. Vista aérea. Fotografía- MGB
The American Institute of Architects has granted the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao its Twenty-Five Year Award

Yet another year, we recall the bombing of Guernica and its...

El Guernica de Picasso
Every April 26, as has become a tradition on the blog, we dedicate a moment to remembering the war crime that was the Bombing of...

Basque sheepherders’ arborglyphs in the Far West are a heritage that...

Arboglifo. Talla de un ciervo en el tronco de un álamo temblón en el este de las Montañas Cascade, Bosque Nacional Lassen. Foto de T. Rickman, Servicio Forestal Nacional de EE. UU
The National Archives is supporting three universities to collect and preserve the tree engravings of Basque sheepherders in the Far West

Basque whalers in Iceland on the website of the US Library...

Mapa de Islandia Abraham Ortelius 1587 Ruderman Antique Maps Inc
The blog of the Library of Congress has dedicated an entry to the 32 Basque whalers who were killed in Iceland in 1615