We only know him by his username Griffin.  We found him via his TikTok account.  We don’t spend too much time ourselves on TikTok, but we found this gem about the Basque language, and we had to share it with our readers so it could be added to our long list of pieces about the language of the Basques.

So on the Wordsatwork account, this language lover from Chicago just shared a video explaining what Basque is, explaining its relationships with the surrounding languages and covering why it is such a unique language.

We we wrote this entry, the video had been published just 17 hours prior, and already had 45,000 likes, 728 comments, and 4,000 “favorites.”

We never cease to be amazed by how social media is so normally full of fluff where most users are looking for a quick break, but then along comes someone like Griffin who offers quality content and can still be quite successful at it.

We can only thank him for his video on the Basque language, especially since his audience is likely some of the thousands and thousands of usually young users who may not have been aware of this language whose origins are lost in the mists of time.

As Koldo Mitxelena used to say, “the miracle of Basque is that it has survived.”  This is especially true because it did so without a large body of literature or even a literate population for most of its history.  A wonderful miracle.

Eskerrik asko, Griffin!!!

@wordsatwork Let’s talk about the Basque language and its very, very interesting history! #language #linguistics #basque #europe #fyp #education #history #spain #france #espana ♬ original sound – Griffin

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