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The “very, very interesting” history of Basque by Wordsatwork on TikTok

Wordsatwork Griffin TikTok about the euskera
Wordsatwork, an account by language-lover Griffin on TikTok, has just shared a video explaining what exactly Basque is

Two articles on Basque and the “miracle” of its survival

Traditional Basque folk dancers performing in Bilbao.  Image credit- Laiotz:Shutterstock.com
Big Think and IFL Science, on the same day, publish articles about Basque, how it's an isolate, and its ability to survive

Basque whalers in Iceland on the website of the US Library...

Mapa de Islandia Abraham Ortelius 1587 Ruderman Antique Maps Inc
The blog of the Library of Congress has dedicated an entry to the 32 Basque whalers who were killed in Iceland in 1615

The Uniting Voices Chicago choir will sing Basque music

Miembros de Kreatibü en Bermeo
The prestigious Uniting Voices Chicago choir will play two popular Basque songs prepared by Kreatribü from Bermeo

The Google Translate app now allows for offline Basque translations

Logo de Google translate
Google has increased the number of languages available for offline translation on Google Translate by 33, including Basque

The Hand of Irulegi is being covered by US public radio

Imagen de la Mano de Irulegi (Sociedad Aranzadi)
Reports on the discovery of the Hand of Irulegi are being covered by US public radio stations in areas with a Basque presence

The Hand of Irulegi is included among the Top 10 Archaeological...

Imagen de la Mano de Irulegi (Sociedad Aranzadi)
The Heritage Daily website has included the Hand of Irulegi on its list of the top ten archaeological finds of the year

The “Hand of Irulegi” paves the way for future research into...

Imagen de la Mano de Irulegi (Sociedad Aranzadi)
So, when the news broke yesterday in local media that a text in Vasconic (which, in our ignorance on the topic, we didn't know...

From a Massachusetts university: 5 reasons to visit the Basque Country

5 razones para visitar el País Vasco- Her Campus
Grace Bertagna, a sophomore at UM Amherst, tells Her Campus why everyone should visit the Basque Country

The Economist: the “appropriate” defense of “regional language” or the acceptance...

The struggle to preserve regional languages. The Economist
The column on languages in 'The Economist,' Johnson, discusses the need for "regional" languages to accept their secondary role