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Is Basque the hardest language? No, despite the court ruling

aprender euskera
A court in Vitoria has used the argument that Basque is one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn in a sentence

Wales adapts the Basque bilingual teaching model for its schools

Walles  school classroom Picture by the Welsh Government
The Welsh Government is adopting the Basque bilingual model for its own schools, offering education in Welsh and English

The BBC explains Basque to the world

Qué es el euskera, contado  en la BBC
BBC journalist for the Latin America services Leire Ventas has prepared a magnificent video explaining what Basque is

The struggle to get Basque recognized on the Twitch platform

A pesar de la gran cantidad de peticiones Twitch aún no ha incluido una etiqueta oficial para identificar las transmisiones en euskera
Twitch has still not incorporated an official identifying tag for broadcasts in Basque (or many other minority languages), despite the demand

France returns one of their rights as citizens and as a...

Herri Urrats. La fiesta en defensa del Euskera que se celebra en Iparralde (edición 2019)
The French Assembly, against Macron's party's opposition, passes a law that allows for linguistic immersion in Basque in French public schools

A Euroregion project to train teachers who can teach throughout the...

En Francia ocho estudiantes de la UPV/EHU, junto con tres de la UPNA, se encuentran en Burdeos participando en el proyecto. ( Foto. UPV/EHU)
A Euroregion program to train teachers to work in bilingual French/Basque schools in the Northern Basque Country

St. Francis Xavier: the Navarrese Saint who spoke in the “Biscayne”...

Representación de San Francisco Xabier
Today, December 3, is the feast day of St. Francis Xavier, as well as the Day of Navarre and the Day of the Basque...

The “agur” that Christopher Columbus included in a letter in the...

Cuando Cristobal Colón usó la palabra «agur»
Colón utilizó la palabra vasca «agur» en la carta que escribió en uno de los momentos más criticos de su vida

The Basque Roots of Catalonia

El mapa más antiguo que se conserva de la cordillera pirenaica (1482) / Fuente: Cartoteca de Catalunya
Today, in their History section, the Catalan digital daily El Nacional has published an amazing article by Marc Pons taking a great look at the...

The “Aita Gurea” that has been on the Mount of Olives...

Iglesia del Pater Noster Jerusalén  by_Madelien_Knight
On this day 118 years ago, a plaque with the text of the Lord's Prayer in Basque was placed in Jerusalem.  There were a...