Over the years, we’ve spoken about the Korrika on many occasions; not so much about the event itself, but rather references to it.  One of those cases is the interest in Brittany, where they’re using this model to promote their national language, which is endangered.

And honestly, we’d love to get to talk about this amazing Basque festival more.  Unfortunately, international media speak little of it, despite the fact that the “miles” go far beyond our borders and out into the world.

Many Basque communities have their own Korrika, or organize another type of event in their place of residence to promote Basque.  But very few media pick up on it.  Even so, we’ve come across cases like the one in New Caledonia, where distance and the small Basque community there meet.

Celebrando Korrika 2019 en Nueva Caledonia
Celebrating the 2019 Korrika in New Caledonia

What is clear is that this year’s 2,500 km (1,500 mi)-long route is just the tip of the iceberg in promoting Basque during the race.  And this goes on, again, to show the huge commitment our fellow compatriots abroad have with our country and our culture.

One of the places where the media more regularly pay attention to all things Basque, and to the Korrika, is Boise.  There, the Basque community has a significant influence on the community, and is furthermore proud to take in Basque culture.  Proof of that is the great number of times we’ve mentioned Boise here on the blog.

This year, the Basques of Boise, like the Basque in many parts of the world, are going to celebrate their own stage of the Korrika.  They did so on April 2, at an event that has become a tradition, since its first edition was in 2011.

There, the festival to promote Basque ran a length of three miles (5 km) and afterwards, they did the only thing they could do: eat, drink, and be merry!

We’ll leave you with the news item broadcast by KTVB covering the event at the Basque Museum, and the photo album of the even on the page of the Boise Basque Center, founded in 1949.

Basque Museum – 2022/3 – USA


Korrika is coming to Boise! Join us at the Basque Museum on Saturday, April 2 for a fun run in support of the Basque language. Tipi tapa tipi tapa…KORRIKA!

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