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A work on the attempts to preserve the memory of the...

Oscar Álvarez-Gila has penned this article analyzing the attempts to compile the history of the Basque diaspora from the 1990s through today

A statement from the Lima Basque Center against the storming of...

Declaracion de Lima Basque Center ante el ataque al Capitolio
The Brotherhood and Basque Center of Our Lady of Aranzazu have issued a statement condeming the storming of the Capitol Building in Washington

Hemingway and the Basques he chased Nazi subs with in Cuba...

BBC Mundo tells the war story of Ernest Hemingway and a group of Basques fighting Nazis and fascists in Cuba during the Second World War

The Ordination of Basque Passionist Jesús María Aristín as Bishop of...

Ordenación del Obispo de Yurimaguas
For many Basque patriots, for those who fought for freedom and democracy during the war that followed Franco's military coup and the 40 years...

A Basque at the International Court of Justice in The Hague

A young Basque-Canadian has joined the International Court of The Hague as the law secretary to its former President

The Havana street that still (in practice) bears the name of...

Zulueta se desarrolló y pobló con los años, se le llamó así en 1874. Foto: gprunamilanes/Pinterest.
One of the main streets in Havana, Agramonte, is still known by its original name, Zulueta, a Basque slave trader who moved to Cuba

A route to discover the Basque presence in Tres Arroyos, Argentina

Centro vasco de Tres Arroyos, el corazon de la comunidad vasca ene esta ciudad argentina
La ciudad argentina de Tres Arroyos ha preparado unos circuitos para explicar las aportaciones de diferentes comunidades nacionales, entre ellas la vasca

The “agur” that Christopher Columbus included in a letter in the...

Cuando Cristobal Colón usó la palabra «agur»
Colón utilizó la palabra vasca «agur» en la carta que escribió en uno de los momentos más criticos de su vida

Presenting the Summary Video for the Day of the Diaspora 2020

Día de la Diaspora 2020. Las mujeres han sido en Euzkadi y en el mundo l fuerza que ha unido a nuestra nación
The Basque Government has just debuted the video summarizing the contributions of the Basque community abroad to the celebration of the 2020 Day of the Basque Diaspora

“Basques in the Atlantic World, 1450-1824”: An Approach to Basque History...

Today, we'd like to bring you a work by Xabier Lamikiz, professor at the Department of Public Policy and Economic History at the University of...