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The 2022 National Basque Week is being held in Macachín, Argentina

Semana Nacional Vasca en Argentina 2022
This third annual National Basque Week is being organized by the Euzko Alkartasuna Basque Center in Macachín, Argentina

Florencio de Basaldua, the man who dreamed of uniting the Basque...

Florencio Basaldúa en la casa de la estancia %22Sol de Mayo%22 en Rawson
The ADNSUR+ website shares the story of the man who dreamed of united the Basque people of Chubut at the end of the 19th century

A double article in four Basque newspapers about Basque-Peruvian journalist “Paco”...

Paco Igartua, dirigió «Oiga» en tiempos de profundos cambios sociales y políticos del Perú
Basque newspapers in the Grupo Noticias group have published a two-part article about Peruvian journalist "Paco" Igartua, written by Josu Legarreta

Francisco “Paco” Igartua: the 99th anniversary of the birth of this...

Francisco "Paco" Igartua
Today marks the 99th anniversary of the birth of Basque-Peruvian journalist Francisco "Paco" Igartua. With this entry, we begin a series on his life and work

The La Vizcaína Ranch: a story of Basques in Patagonia

Edificios de la Estancia «La Vizcaína»
The story of the La Vizcaína Ranch and the Basque family from Durango who created it and are still living there 100 years later

BBC: The legacy the Basques have left (and leave) in the...

Vascos en América BBC Mundo - foto Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
BBC World in Spanish brings us an article outlining the legacy Basques have left in the Americas

Irigoyen-Irujo: the Lehendakari’s 1942 New World Tour in Uruguay and the...

Aguirre en el Teatro Florida donde brindó la conferencia “El sentido democrático, social y el de la libertad de los pueblos en los actuales momentos”
Alberto Irigoyen and Xabier Irujo share an article with us about the Lehendakari's 1942 tour's stop in Uruguay, and their final report

80th anniversary of a truly historical event: Lehendakari Aguirre’s New World...

El Lehendakari Aguirre
This isn't the first time (you'll find our earlier articles below), and we imagine it won't be the last, where we cover a topic...

Reviewing the Basque legacy in San Juan, Argentina

Mienbros del Centro Vasco Eusko Etxea San Juan - Argentina
Journalist Ana Paula Gremoliche has published an article in 'Huarpe' about the role of the Basques in the history of San Juan province in Argentina

Jesús “Jess” Goñi, the Navarrese ‘bertsolari’ from Nevada

Jesús"jess" Goñi, bertsolari en Nevada
'The Nevada Independent' has published an excellent article on award-winning 'bertsolari' Jesús "Jess" Goñi, originally from the Baztán Valley in Navarre and now resident in Washoe County, Nevada