“CBS Saturday Morning” is an American talk show that’s aired since 1997 and has 2 million viewers.  And this morning, they showed a marvelous report on Basque chef and musician Dan Ansotegui from Boise.

Our regular readers will recognize that name, as we’ve spoken about him many times before.  The last time was when he received the National Heritage Fellowship in 2019.  This recognition is granted to folk artists in the US by the National Arts Fund.  Thus he joined the group of Basques who have received this award since its inauguration in 1982, including Idaho accordion player Jimmy Jausoro, and bertsolaris Jesus Arriada, Johnny Curutchet, Martin Goicoechea, and Jesus Goñi from California and Wyoming.  We’re sure there will be more additions in the future.

In “The Dish,” which, as its name states, is about cuisine, they dedicated seven minutes to this Basque’s profile, the production of his famous chorizo, his music, his commitment to Basque culture, the history of the Basques in the US, the vitality of the Boise Basque community, and the culinary legacy the Basques have left in American cuisine.  Whenever we talk about this topic, we can’t help but recall the article H. D. Miller, the head of the History, Politics, and Philosophy Department at the University of Lipscomb in Nashville, wrote, where he defined Basque cuisine as the “authentic regional cuisine of the region between the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada.”

The video even shows some in the studio trying out some of the products and dishes of Dan Ansotegui‘s company, Ansots, and his own cooking.

A true gift for the image of Basque culture in the US.

CBS Saturday Morning – 14/1/2023 – USA

The Dish: Chef Dan Ansotegui

Dan Ansotegui is a James Beard nominee who’s owned multiple restaurants in Boise, Idaho. His latest, Ansots (short for Ansotegui) features incredible chorizo, inspired by the Basque region of Spain. His latest was supposed to start as a catering operation during COVID, but it’s become a sit-down dining destination, an authentic taste of the old country in the American West. “CBS Saturday Morning” co-host Jeff Glor reports.


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