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Basque chef and musician from Boise Dan Ansotegui is the star...

Dan Ansotegui en CBS Saturday Morning
"CBS Saturday Morning" is an American talk show that's aired since 1997 and has 2 million viewers.  And this morning, they showed a marvelous...

The Lehendakari’s Message to the Basque Community Abroad 2022

lehendakari Urkullu mensaje
The Lehendakari has sent out his traditional Christmas message to the Basque Community abroad, sending them his warmest wishes

Attempts are being made in Argentina to preserve the memory of...

Tumba de Evaristo Bozas Urrutia Tres arroyos Argentina
The daily La Voz del Pueblo, published in Tres Arroyos, Argentina, is one media outlet we've cited on more than one occasion, and every time...

A fronton court in front of the Great Barrier Reef

Fronton de Trebonne, Australia,  restaurado
The Trebonne fronton court has been opened after restoration. This Cultural Heritage of Queensland is a symbol of the Basque Presence in Australia

The Basque Diaspora Archives: an essential part of preserving Basque history...

Ejemplo de fondos del Archivo Diáspora Vasca
The Basque Diaspora Archives: an essential part of preserving Basque history that you can be a part of with your contributions

376 years later, the sculptor of the Our Lady of Aranzazu...

375 aniversario de la entronización de la Virgen Aranzazu en Lima
We've always found the presence of brotherhoods and guilds throughout the Americas which had been organized by the Basque community in the 17th and...

An ‘aurresku’ for the new auxiliary bishop of Santiago, Chile

Aurresku en la Ordenación Episcopal de Álvaro Chordi Miranda como obispo titular de Regiana y auxiliar de Santiago de Chile
An 'aurresku' was performed by three 'dantzaris' from the Euskadiko Lagunak group at the ordination of auxiliar bishop Álvaro Chordi Miranda in Santiago, Chile

An immense source of information about Basque surnames in Argentina and...

Vascos en América. Celebración vasca en Buenos Aires
We bring you the work of the Historia y Genealogía Hispanoamericana blog, which offers us a wide range of interesting information on Basque surnames

The 2022 National Basque Week is being held in Macachín, Argentina

Semana Nacional Vasca en Argentina 2022
This third annual National Basque Week is being organized by the Euzko Alkartasuna Basque Center in Macachín, Argentina

Florencio de Basaldua, the man who dreamed of uniting the Basque...

Florencio Basaldúa en la casa de la estancia %22Sol de Mayo%22 en Rawson
The ADNSUR+ website shares the story of the man who dreamed of united the Basque people of Chubut at the end of the 19th century