A few days ago, we mentioned that we’d discussed the village of Villa de Bilbao thanks to its dunes, the Dunes of Bilbao, which are quite the tourist draw.  The tow came up again when they announced they’d restored the painting of Our Lady of Begoña and that it was back in its rightful place at the church in town.

And we’re back on the topic today, because just a few hours ago, the Siglo de Torreón (which has already granted us some true gems) has printed a column in Enrique Sada Sandoval‘s “Our World” section explaining the origin of this town, founded by Joseph Ignacio del Campo Soberón y Larrea, who was born in Galdames, Biscay, on July 30, 1726.  He emigrated to the Americas in his youth, and ended up the governor of New Biscay.

We are very grateful to Mr. Sada Sandoval for his enlightening article, but we would like to remind him that in 1726, (old) Biscay was not a province, it was a Lordship.  The issue of titles was not trivial.  Firstly, provinces as a level of administration did not exist in Spain until the 19th century.  Secondly, those from the Lordship of Biscay, just like those from Gipuzkoa, Alava, and parts of Navarre, enjoyed a series of rights, not the least of which was the noble title of hidalgo.  While it didn’t imply great wealth or power, it was a title of nobility.

Finally, we must point out that this was yet another Basque person who went to the Americas without losing contact with his land of origin.  This is proven by the fact that in 1776, he entered into the Royal Basque Society of Friends of the Country as a distinguished member.  Let’s not forget that this society had been founded only one year prior, in 1775, meaning he must have been in close contact with his native land to become a member so fast.

We have spoken on many occasions about how the Basques created several guilds and fraternities whose patronage was Our Lady of Aranzazu.  In Mexico City, the Aranzazu Guild created the leading institution, as well as founding the Colegio de las Vizcainas, which is still in operation today, carrying out its social and educational work.

For those who would like to know what the town of Villa de Bilbao is like, we leave you a video filmed at the end of 2022, where you can see the small streets of this town that is so full of history.

El siglo de Torreón – 30/9/2023 – Mexico

La Virgen de la Begoña: rescate histórico en la Nueva Bilbao

Escribir sobre la historia de la Nueva Vizcaya es escribir también sobre la historia del norte de México, partiendo de la importancia que esta enorme región supuso en su momento para la consolidación y forja del Virreinato de la Nueva España —desde el siglo XVI hasta el siglo XVIII— tanto por sus alcances territoriales como por la riqueza de su suelo.

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Biography of Joseph Ignacio del Campo Soberón (Automatic translation)


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