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75th anniversary of the first issue of ‘Oiga’ magazine, the work...

Paco Igartua y Doris Gibson en Lima 1945
Today, November 8, 2023, marks the 75th anniversary of the first issue of 'Oiga', the work of Basque-Peruvian Paco Igartua

Why is there a “Villa de Bilbao” in Mexico?

Una calle del Ejido Villa de Bilbao (México)
The reason why there is a "Villa de Bilbao" in Mexico and the story of its founder from Galdames

A painting of Our Lady of Begoña in Villa de Bilbao,...

El INAH entrega la pintura de caballete restaurada “Virgen de Begoña” al Ejido Villa de Bilbao, en Viesca, Coahuila. Foto- CNCPC-INAH.
A painting titled "Our Lady of Begoña" from the 18th century, which is quite relevant to the community of Ejido Villa de Bilbao, in the Viesca area of Coahuila state in Mexico, has been restored

The Guilds of Aránzazu in the colonial capitals of Lima and...

Estampa callejera de México en la etapa colonial
An article by Dr. Elisa Luque Alcaide helps us understand the structure created by the Basques living in the New World colonies

La Vasconia, the oldest bakery in Mexico City, and heritage of...

Panaderia La Vasconia, Mexico
The La Vasconia Bakery, opened 152 years ago, is the oldest bakery in Mexico City, and is the work of Basques, just like Corona beer

December 18 (1681), the Day the Guild of Aránzazu of Mexico...

Atrio convento de San Francisco México, donde estaba la capilla de la Cofradía de Nuestra Señora de Aránzazu de México
On this day in 1681, the notary act that created the legal entity of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Aránzazu of Mexico City was...

Emiliana de Zubeldia and Ravel in the Batura Concert Series in...

Emiliana de Zubeldia pianista vasca en México
A new concert of music by composers of the Basque diaspora at the second edition of the Batura series.

Luis de Basabe: a Basque from Baja California

Luis de Basabe y una vista de  Ensenada, México
The story of Luis de Basabe, a very Basque Mexican engineer and author, who lived in Baja California

375th anniversary of Our Lady of Aránzazu in Lima, and its...

375 aniversario de la entronización de la Virgen Aranzazu en Lima
October 18th commemorates the enthronement of Our Lady of Aránzazu at the Chapel of the brotherhood which unites the Basques in Lima

The Colegio de las Vizcaínas School during Mexico’s struggle for independence

Grabado de la fachada del Colegio de San Ignacio de Loyola - Vizcaínas
Ana Rita Valera, director of the Historical Archive, and Lizzeth Armenta, Museum Curator, tell us of the role of the Vizcaínas School in Mexico's struggle for independence