Basque A few days ago, we introduced the second edition of the Batura Zikola, which, as we commented, is going to pay special attention to the musical creations of Basque composers of the diaspora.

In this second concert, to be held on Saturday the 27th at 8:00 pm at the Club Room at the Victoria Eugenia Theater in San Sebastián, we are, as in the previous concert, going to find a program in which Basque composers of the diaspora will be featured.  On this occasion, it will be the works of Maurice Ravel and Emiliana de Zubeldía e Inda, played by Italian pianist Massimo Somenzi.

Of Ravel, the most universal Basque musician, a Basque born in Ciboure who, despite moving to Paris as a child, never lost his connection to his Basque homeland, we have spoken  a great deal on the blog.

We haven’t, however, done the same for Emiliana de Zubeldía, a Basque born in Navarre who worked mainly in Mexico and the United States.  So we’re thrilled to get to discuss her today, because thanks to this series organized by musician, professor, researcher, and disseminator Josu Okiñena, we’ve discovered yet another Basque who has left a lasting and beautiful mark on the world.

We’ll leave you with the article published by Euskonews (which, as we always say, is an essential source of information) about this Basque composer, the introduction to this concert by Josu Okiñena, and the program to the same.

This is an excellent plant for the rainy Saturday we’re expected to have this weekend.  Tickets can be purchased at the Donostia Kultura website.

Euskonews – 2009 – Euskadi

Emiliana de Zubeldía e Inda: embajadora de la música vasca en América

En el Archivo Histórico de la Universidad de Sonora se guarda el Fondo Emiliana de Zubeldía e Inda. Allí, entre documentos, cartas, partituras, reconocimientos, fotografías, se encuentra un álbum de recuerdos que Emiliana de Zubeldía atesoró cuidadosamente durante su gira por América del Sur. De allí extraje algunos bellos momentos en los que convivió con su grupo étnico, del cual ella siempre estuvo orgullosa y nunca dejó de amar.

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