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We can’t resist: Thanks to Madonna, even the “unionists” think Biarritz...

Madonna The Celebration Tour  2023
We can't resist: thanks to US singer Madonna, even the "unionists" consider Biarritz to be the Basque Country

Musician and researcher Josu Okiñena named a member of La Bascongada

Josu Okiñena  es nombrado miembro de la Bascongada
Jos Okiñena, Basque composer and researcher, is named a member of La Bascongada in recognition for his work as a researcher into Basque musical cultural heritage

When Bob Dylan and Mikel Laboa performed for 80,000 spectators at...

Publico asistente al Concierto por la paz de 2006, donde actuó BoB Dylan
In June 2006, Bob Dylan and Mikel Laboa performed for 80,000 spectators at Zurriola Beach in a "Concert for Peace"

March 7, 1875, birth of Maurice Ravel, a Basque hidden from...

Maurice Ravel frente a su casa natal en Ziburu
March 7, 1875, birth of Maurice Ravel, a Basque hidden from the view of all…even the Basques themselves. We want everyone to remember him

The Uniting Voices Chicago choir will sing Basque music

Miembros de Kreatibü en Bermeo
The prestigious Uniting Voices Chicago choir will play two popular Basque songs prepared by Kreatribü from Bermeo

A face-to-face between Irish and Basque dancers: Unmissable

Un grupo de dantzaris vascos y de Irlanda bailan juntos en la calle
A video where two groups of dancers, Irish and Basque, offer us a three-minute dance-off of joy

Maurice Ravel, on the 147th anniversary of his birth; “A Basque...

Maurice Ravel dirigiendo a la BOS en 1928
Remembering a Basque composer, perhaps the most universal of all of them, whose nationality and commitment to his country is widely unknown among his compatriots

Santa Águeda 2022. The Basques are back out there, singing to...

This year, after the pause in 2021, the Basques are again back out there, singing to the saint and waking up the earth after her winter slumber

Euskadiko Orkestra recommended in ‘The New Yorker’

Euskadiko Orkestra - Basque National Orkestra
Alex Ross has recommended the Basque National Orchestra in 'The New Yorker' for its two latest albums, 'Ravel' and 'Americascapes'

Zorionak eta Urte Berri On 2022

This year, 2021, just like 2020, has been, without sugar-coating it, a hard year, a year to be survived as well as possible, a kind...