Euskadiko Orkestra- Basque National Orchestra, affiliated with the Basque Government, is one of the four leading orchestras in our country, along with the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra (BOS), which is affiliated with the City of Bilbao and is celebrating its centenary this year; the Navarrese Symphony Orchestra, founded by Pablo Sarasate in 1879 and affiliated with the Government of Navarre; and finally, the Basque Country Symphony Orchestra which is affiliated with the the Maurice Ravel Basque Country Conservatory in the Northern Basque Country.

The Basque National Orchestra, during its season, regularly plays in the four capitals of the Lower Basque Country and also has a presence in the Northern Basque Country, though usually out of season.  Thanks to this, it is easy to see that it tries to live up to the goals defined in its very name.

And music critic Alex Ross, in this week’s column in The New Yorker, has given the Basque National Orchestra a special mention.  More specifically, he reviewed their two latest recordings, Ravel and Americascapes, directed by Robert Treviño under the Ondine label.

These two albums are just the latest in a long discography this cultural institution has released, covering Basque composers, children’s music, soundtracks, and other composers’ works, from Basque singer-songwriters to leading international composers.

While the article’s author focused on the orchestra’s magnificent version of “La Valse”, one of the most famous works by Basque composer Maurice Ravel, we’ve always been fascinated by the subtlety of “Pavane pour une infante défunte”.

The New Yorker – 1/2022 – USA

Chopin’s Nocturnes Are Arias for the Piano

Until this past year, few people in the international classical-music world were paying heed to the Basque National Orchestra, which is based in San Sebastián, Spain, and is under the direction of the young Texas-born conductor Robert Trevino.

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