This article was translated by John R. Bopp

So right now, we’re in the midst of the Korrika, being run across not on the Basque Country, but around the world, to defend the heritage and Humanity of the Basques, and celebrate their language as a joy to be preserved and as a useful tool to use daily, in all contexts.

Allow us, if you will, to pick just one of these groups to feature today, as an example of the global commitment of our compatriots, and a demonstration that the roots of our culture are strong and deep, all across the globe.

We were so happy back in 2017, for so many reasons, but especially to discover that on literally the other side of the globe, the Basque community of New Caledonia has a vibrant social and cultural life, and the country’s capital Noumea actually has a jai alai court, like you can find in any town back home.

And now we’re surprised again, this time with a video.  In it, we can see their commitment with the Basque language, and how they’re participation in the 2019 Korrika in the best way possible: by defending our culture in a way that is respectful with the local culture of those tropical islands.

We’re so proud.

The video can be found on the Facebook page of the Amicale du Pays Basque et du Sud-Ouest de Nouvelle-Calédonie. How we’d like to pay them a visit.