María C. Hunt has just published an article in The Guardian (one of our favorite newspapers, alongside the New York Times) about the work being done to recover traditional hard cider in the United States.

It’s about small craft producers dotted around the country who are creating a new “golden age” for this drink in a country that has a long tradition of cider making, even creating legends such as Johnny Appleseed.

The article starts with a reference to some “old friends” of the blog, Peter and Susan Yi.  Yes, these would be the same Korean-Americans we blogged about who, after trying Basque cider, decided to create their own sagardotegia: the Brooklyn Cider House. You can find our entries here and here)

After making that reference to the influence of Basque cider in the “renaissance” of craft cider in the US, Maria C. Hunt introduced other craft producers, including Anxo Cidrery, which, you’ll recall, alongside the Smithsonian Institute, organized a a date with cider and pintxos on June 21, 2016 as part of the “warm-ups” for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2016, where Basque culture was the honored guest.

In addition to the Brooklyn Cider House and the Anxo Cidrery, we’ve also covered, on several occasions, the huge influence the “Basque version” of this drink has on producers and the media in the US.  One we must highlight is the recommendation given by the New York Times food critic Eric Assimov (yes, related to the famous scientist and author; we’ve spoken of Eric many times) for Basque cider, for no less an occasion than Thanksgiving.

The Guardian – 6/8/2022 – Great Britain

Cider is having an American moment – thanks to a new generation of crafters

The first time Peter Yi tried Basque cider, it hit him like a lightning bolt. His experiences as a wine buyer left him thinking ciders were sweet, simple and didn’t pair well with food. But this one was different – aromatic, dry and complex, everything he expected from a fine wine.

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Header photo: Peter Yi, owner of the Brookly Cider House. Photo: YCOMSPACE/Courtesy Brooklyn Cider House

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