We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the New York Times has a certain fondness for us.  If you don’t believe us, just go through the blog and find all the times they talk about us, well!

This time, they’re covering cider.  In the US, there is a tradition to have a big family dinner on the fourth Thursday in November to celebrate Thanksgiving, and cider has a starring role.  Today, the New York Times has published an article by Eric Asimov in their cuisine section talking about this apple-based beverage.  And, when discussing the best ciders they could find, they zeroed in on the Basque ones, stating that some of the best and most unusual ones that can be found anywhere in the world are made in our country.  They highlight two: Isastegi and Bereziartua.  Zorionak!

So, cider makers, get ready, because an article like this in a publication like the NYT means that they’re sure to notice an uptick in sales in the US market; the highlighted producers especially.  Their market share just blossomed.

Unfortunately, we local consumers will also have to get ready.  We all understand the Law of Supply and Demand, and if supply doesn’t increase while demand does, the product gets more expensive, or simply stops being available.  We do hope we don’t replace our cider with Diet Coke, while the Yanks are enjoying our apple nectar!

New York Times -15/11/2010 -USA

A Cider a Day Enlivens Autumn


Drew Anthony Smith for The New York Times

YOU might say I’ve developed a good case of cider-for-brains. That can happen this time of year, when the scent of a roaring fire and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot prompts a Pavlovian desire for all manifestations of the apple. (Follow)

The New York Times does not allow for automatic Google translation, so you’ll have to copy and paste the text yourself

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