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Back in December of 2017, we wrote about two Korean-Americans, Peter and Susan Yi, who had just opened a Basque-style cider house in New York, the Brooklyn Cider House.

Today, we’ve found another article about it in a US magazine, which we’ve referenced before, that, as its name says, specializes in cuisine: Food & Wine.

They published an article by Mike Pomranz, an expert in cider who lives in England and knows all the Basque ciderhouses, which goes in depth at this location that’s trying to bring the experience of a traditional Basque ciderhouse to New York.  And he seems to have liked it.

Food&Wine – 4/5/2018 – USA

Brooklyn Cider House Is the Basque Cidery America Needs

Though cider often gets lumped in with beer, thanks to the beverage’s similar alcohol levels and penchant for being yellow and fizzy, good cider is actually far more like wine. This idea isn’t a matter of taste: It comes down to production. Both wine and cider are a fermented fruit juice: wine, grapes; cider, apples. With wine, however, consumers have come to appreciate things like varieties and appellation. Sadly, despite becoming a bit more common, you’re far less likely to see indications like Northern Spy apples and Finger Lakes, New York, on a bottle of cider.

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