This article was translated by John R. Bopp

The Arbuturian is, as they call themselves, “an award-winning magazine for the globetrotting connoisseur with an appetite for adventure and a taste for the highlife.”

They have a long series of articles dedicated to the Basques, but we wanted to focus on one: a tour of the Basque Coast from Saint-Jean-de-Luz to San Sebastian, and the three articles Tom Garton penned about it.

We liked it, not only for its content, but also for its presentation of a Basque Country with no artificial divisions, presenting Labourd and Gipuzkoa as part of the same reality.

It’s obvious they like “high-quality” traveling, and that they enjoyed it.  We just hope they’ll come back again soon, to discover even more about our great country.

The Arbuturian – 5/5/2018 – Great Britain

Discovering the Basque Country, Part I: Parc Victoria, Saint Jean de Luz

This Bank Holiday weekend we have a triple bill of a travel feature. As the sun arrives in Blighty, Tom Garton sets off for a road trip through the Basque Country. First stop, just south of Biarritz, is a property fit for literary setting…

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The Arbuturian – 6/5/2018 – Great Britain

Discovering the Basque Country, Part II: Chateau Brindos

Tom Garton‘s driving woes continue as he departs on the second of his Basque country tour, closing on the Spanish border, but salvation isn’t far away in the form of a fine French chateau…

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The Arbuturian – 7/5/2018 – Great Britain

Discovering the Basque Country, Part III: San Sebastian

In the final part of his Basque Country tour, Tom Garton enters Spain and San Sebastian. But before he can sample the pintxos and Txakoli, he’s got a little dental emergency to remedy

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