Balmaseda has just blown us away with yet another new secret that’s just been “discovered.”  A few months ago, thanks to an association in this Encartaciones town, we found out that one of the workers having lunch on a beam in the iconic skyscraper photo in New York was from Balmaseda.

And now, thanks to a UK website covering “top-level” products and experiences, we’ve discovered this Biscayan town is home to a company, Kaitxo, that sells coffees and chocolates that are at the highest levels of quality and are winning international awards.

We love both chocolate and coffee, so we’re already making plants to pay them a visit (and thus have an excuse to buy them out of both!).

And as we’re sure many of our readers are in the same club, we’re sharing this article with you.  Officially, as usual, we’re sharing news about Basques that appears in international media.  But our “ulterior” motive is far sweeter and more delicious: to share these products with everyone so we can all enjoy them.

We’ll also leave you with a link to the Kaitxo website.

The Luxury Editor – 20/6/2021- Great Britain


Who doesn’t like chocolate?! When I’m in a restaurant I can pretty much always be expected to choose the pudding with chocolate. It’s just the most alluring food. Yet when we come to snack on chocolate, sometimes we don’t always reach for the finest creations. That’s why I want to introduce you to Kaitxo. This family business specialises in my two favourite food groups  – chocolate and coffee!

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