We’ve spoken on many occasions about the Basque community in Macachín, Argentina, which got its start with the Euzko Alkartasuna Basque Center, one of whose founders, Iñaki Unamuno, we spoke about not long ago, when a new sculpture was unveiled in his honor.

This year, we’ve been impatiently awaiting news that some Argentine media outlet, or South American, would finally cover the news that this Basque Center, for the third time, is putting together the National Basque Week in Argentina.  Of course, we’ve also covered this news on many occasions.

And we finally found an item covering this event, which brings together Basques from all over Argentina and indeed, many South American countries, for a week of culture, activities, parties, and fraternization.  It will start on October 1st and last until at least Sunday the 9th.

This week is of great importance not only for the Basques in Argentina, but also for the country itself, because it is a reflection of the vitality of one national community, the Basque one, which has been and is fundamental for that country.  That’s why we’re always mystified that an event like this gets so little media coverage in the country where it takes place.

The news we bring you is from the website of the daily La Arena.  It highlights the fact that the Basques who live in the Basque Country are joining in on this National Basque Week in Argentina.  For us, what most stands out is that every year, they put on an event like this.  But that is no reason for there to be so little coverage.  Many other events, such as sports, are also held annually, and get far more coverage, despite being objectively less important.  Fortunately, La Arena has reported on it.

To our Basque compatriots in Argentina, we hope that this Week is one of celebration, reunions, and Basque-style socializing.  We send you our greetings and our thanks for your commitment to keeping our national reality alive.

La Arena – 8/10/2022 – Argentina

El País Vasco se suma a los festejos

Desde el País Vasco afirman que, por una semana, “Macachín se convertirá en la capital vasca”. La afirmación tiene referencia directa con la realización de la “Semana Nacional Vasca 2022”. La agenda de actividades se empezó a desandar el sábado pasado y finalizará el lunes. La festividad se está desarrollando con todo el esplendor de sus eventos a puro música, baile y colores.

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Header photo: Zanpantzar in front of the Euzko Alkartasuna Basque Center in Macachín. Photo by Anahi Picca Garino

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