A few days ago, we wrote an entry about how 3sat was bringing back a program about Bilbao that had been broadcast on German public broadcaster ARD.

And today we return to Germany to talk about how public broadcaster WDR has released an episode of Wunderschön! (Very Beautiful!) about the southern Basque coast.

Presenter Anne Willmes has covered this part of our country all the way from San Sebastian to Bilbao, presenting the culture, traditions, txakoli, cuisine, history, and more that any visitor to our country (or local!) might find while traveling along the coast of the Bay of Biscay.  It’s also interesting to note that even the Germans call this body of water between Galicia and Brittany the “Bay of Biscay,” like most other countries on earth.

And we say “most” because quite curiously, Spain defines the coastal waters as the “Cantabrian Sea” (which is but a mere part of the Bay of Biscay) and the French call it the “Gulf of Gascony.”

As for the content, we really liked it.  We’d liked to highlight her visit to Tolosa, a surprising little town that we dedicated a “Viewpoints” episode to; to the attention she paid to the Camino del Norte; the stops in the small costal towns that always fascinate all who visit; or her time at the flysch in Zumaia, a place of extraordinary beauty (and scientific interest) that is getting more and more popular.

We loved this documentary.  Honestly, you don’t need to speak German to be able to enjoy its content.  It has a great rhythm and excellent camera work.  Cheers to the network and to the team who filmed it for making such an amazing documentary, and cheers to everyone from here who collaborated in it.

We only wish she’d started her trip not in San Sebastian, but rather in Bayonne.  The Basque Coast starts north of the Pyrenees, and is also worth a visit.

We hope they’ll come back to explore the other jewels the Basque Country has to offer, from the Courts in Navarre, to Bayonne in Labourd, and from Karratz in Biscay to Santa Grazi in Soule.  They will not be disappointed.

WDR – 24/7/2022 – Germany

Das Baskenland – Spaniens raue Atlantikküste

Das Baskenland ist anders als der Rest von Spanien: Die Küste ist wilder und rauer, das grüne Hinterland mit Gipfeln über 1.000 Meter erinnert an das Allgäu, und die Menschen sprechen eine eigene Sprache. Anne Willmes reist vom mondänen Seebad San Sebastian durch kleine Fischerdörfer, in denen die Seefahrer-Vergangenheit lebendig ist, bis in die Avantgarde-Metropole Bilbao.

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