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This past Saturday, we got to chauffeur the family to Tolosa to participate in the Gipuzkoa Encounter.  Since we had to go already, we decided to make the most of the day to relax in this town in the heart of Gipuzkoa.

We usually say that our “Viewpoints” episodes are not tour or cultural guides: all we’re trying to do is show off places we like, in order for our readers, guided by the information we provide, and other elements they find, to get excited about going.  We do so because, as we always say, our nation is full of jewels that are worth visiting.

This maxim is especially applicable to this episode of the series.  We didn’t go to Tolosa to learn about its most significant tourist sites; we went to have a stroll and enjoy its streets and ambiance.  All we did was wander through the streets, following the directions the signs on the street gave us, and that’s where this video came from.

We arrived too late to enjoy the Saturday market, as our stroll started just after our delicious and very affordable lunch at the Restaurante Sausta (which we chose thanks to TripAdvisor).  From that moment on, while we were waiting to chauffeur the family back, we enjoyed Tolosa.

We strolled through streets that were full of history, life, shops, and cafés.  Our perception is one of a city full of energy and activity.

We’ll leave you with the video and some references about it if you’d like to read up on it.  We truly recommend visiting and enjoying this city.


Touristic information about Tolosa:

Website of the City (in English)

Tolosa Region Tourism (English)

International Títeres (Puppets) Center of Tolosa (in Spanish; Google Translate available)

Tolosa Region tourism pamphlet

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