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Teresa Bachler has just published a new article on the German design website Instyle.  Now, we know our readers know as well as we do how all these trends work (does anybody know why something suddenly becomes fashionable???).  Well, it would seem that this spring, the new “it” thing is going to be the txapela, or Basque beret, or “Baskenmüntzen”, in any of its several versions and variants.

We’ve already blogged about the “international reach” of this Basque headwear.  For example, back in 2011, we were reminded by Australians that the “Black Basque Beret” was a very chic accessory.

We’d also like to bring you a very interesting article by Olga Macías, published in the highly recommended Euskonews website, about the “boina and the Basques”, in which we’re treated to all sorts of interesting tidbits about the article and its relationship to the Basques, as well as clearing up some interesting stuff, such as how “txapela” and “boina” are not interchangeable.

Instyle – 3/4/2019 – Germany

Das coolste Accessoire im Frühling – wir lieben Baskenmützen!

Welches Accessoire macht ein schlichtes Outfit zum Hingucker und überspielt gekonnt einen Bad Hair Day? Richtig: eine lässige Baskenmütze. Noch dazu ist das Barett so ziemlich die angesagteste Kopfbedeckung jetzt im Frühling. Sogar Herzogin Kate trägt die Trend-Mütze.

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Euskonews –  – Euskadi

La boina y los vascos

En el Diccionario Enciclopédico Vasco de Auñamendi, se define la boina como una gorra sin visera, redonda y achatada, de lana y de una sola pieza. Pocas veces una vestimenta tan sencilla ha marcado tanto la fisonomía de un pueblo y ha condicionado de tal manera comportamientos sociales y mediáticos.

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