Doble Espacio, the journal of the Higher School of Journalism at the University of Chile, has just published an article by Claudia Ávila Bravo covering the stories of two Basque exiles in Chile: María Elena Solas, from Bilbao, Biscay, and Aurora Indurain, from Pamplona, Navarre.  Both belong to the Euzko Etxea in Santiago de Chile.

Once again, while reading this article, we have to ask ourselves how many of these micro-stories of our compatriots in the world, those stories that are so essential for building up our own history based on what happened in our society, have been lost because they weren’t or couldn’t be recorded.  Today, in Chile, two are.  And we’re very grateful for that.

Chile took in many of the Basques who had to flee their homeland in order to avoid being oppressed, jailed, or killed.  The truth is that they arrived in a country where their Basque ancestors had already had a huge influence, during colonial times, during its independence process, during its evolution as a republic, and in its recent history.  As Miguel de Unamuno said, “There are only two things the Basques have created that are universally important: the creation of the Society of Jesus by Iñigo de Loyola, and the Republic of Chile by the Basques.”

We’re sure that at that Basque Center, as in all those around the world, there are stories to be told and recorded, important stories to help flesh out the history of our nation.

Doble Espacio –  1/8/2022  – Chile

Del País Vasco a Chile: Historias de autoexilio

En años distintos, María Elena y Aurora, ambas originarias del País Vasco, llegaron a Chile. Hoy con más de sesenta años de amistad se reúnen cada miércoles a conversar, compartir una bebida o un té y a jugar Mus. El punto de encuentro por excelencia: el centro vasco Euzko Etxea, escenario de cada recuerdo.

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