The Association of European Migration Institutions (AEMI) is a network of 50 European institutions and organizations whose field of interest is focused on European migration past and present.  There are also non-European associate members.

This association seeks to provide its members an international forum through which they may increase knowledge of European migrations.  Through different types of events, such as promoting and follow-up of common research projects, such as organizing meetings, international symposia, and multinational events to share the knowledge and experiences that each member gains individually.

Every year, the members of this network meet in a different member country to discuss their projects and research.  Between September 29 and October 3, the 31sr annual conference will be held at the Miramar Palace in San Sebastián, organized by the Directorate for the Basque Communities Abroad of the Basque Government.

The theme of this year’s event is RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN DIASPORAS AND THEIR HOME COUNTRIES: Historical context, return movements, and new migrations.

This topic, migrations, and specifically Basque migrations, is, as you can imagine, one we find  extraordinarily interesting.

Attendance can be in person or online, and they are currently accepting proposals for presentations to be given at the conference.

We’ll leave you with the presentation for this year’s Conference, which explains the main topics the Conference will focus on, and also has a “Call for Papers” for those experts who want to contribute their visions and works.

AEMI – /2/2021 – Europe

RELATIONS BETWEEN DIASPORAS AND THEIR HOME COUNTRIES: New migrations, return movements and historical context (roots)

The 31st AEMI Conference will be hosted by the Office for the Basque Communities Abroad, Basque Government, in Donostia-San Sebastián. The OBCA is the unit of the General Secretariat of Foreign Affairs at the Presidency of the Basque Autonomous Government, that was created to promote, coordinate, establish and foster relations between the Basque Country and the Basque communities abroad, and also to drive action to collect the historical memory of the diasporas.

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