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“Javier de Landaburu (1907–1963). Al servicio de la causa vasca”, a...

Javier de Landaburu en la sede del Gobierno Vasco en el exilio (rue Singer)
Historian Leyre Arrieta has just published a book analyzing Javier de Landaburu, a key figure in Basque history

Oct. 7, 1936, when Lehendakari Aguirre’s oath changed the history of...

Juramento del Lehendakari Aguirre Foto: Sabino Arana Fundazioa)
On October 7, 1936, José Antonio Aguirre swore the oath of the Lehendakari of the Basque Government, kicking off a new era in our country

The AEMI Conference is about to start, with attendees from 17...

AEMI 31 conferencia
On September 30 and October 1, the European Migration Association's conference will be held, hosted by the Basque Government

2021 Day of the Basque Diaspora: Lehendakari’s Closing Message #EuskalDiaspora

Lehendakari dia de la diáspora 2021
We close our series of entries on the 2021 Day of the Basque Diaspora with a message sent by the Basque Government and the Lehendakari in an official event on this red-letter day

A Missionary’s Greetings from the Bishop of Yurimaguas on the Day...

Saludo de Monseñor Aristín en el Día de la Diaspora Vasca 2021
The Bishop of Yurimaguas, Basque Passionist Jesús María Aristín, sends greetings and blessings to the global Basque Community

“Joining Forces” The Day of the Basque Diaspora 2021. How...

Día de la Diáspora Vasca 2020
The Day of the Basque Diaspora is fast approaching. The Basque Government is putting together a virtual agenda of all the activities being organized all over the world to celebrate.

The 2021 Basque Culinary World Prize has a winner: Xanty Elías

Xanty Elías ganador del Basque Culinary World Prize 2021
The winner of the 2021 Basque Culinary World Prize is chef Xanty Elías, who's working to improve food education for boys and girls

The Delegation of the Basque Government in Paris. 1951-2021. 70 years...

Aguirre, en su despacho de la delegación del Gobierno vasco en París. A la derecha, Urkullu y Ortuzar frente a la sede.
Exactly 70 years ago, the French Government expropriated the building where the Basque Government had established its Delegation in Paris and gave it to the Francoists…and it's never been returned

Post-Graduate course on the Basque Diaspora at the Univ. of the...

Curso de postgrado UPV/EHU experto en diaspora vasca
Early registration is open for the Post-Graduate degree about the Basque Diaspora at the University of the Basque Country. It can be taken from anywhere in the world, even by those who do not have a college degree

ATTENTION!!! The deadline for speakers for the 31st Annual AEMI...

31ª jornada AEMI que se celebr en septiembre de 2021 en Donostia
The Basque Government is hosting the 2021 Association for European Migration Institutions Conference