General Villegas is an Argentine city of some 20,000 located in northeaster Buenos Aires province, close to the borders with Santa Fe, Córdoba, and Santa Rosa provinces, with a largely agricultural economy.

But what interests us about it is the Basque center there founded on February 21, 2001 with the name Villegas’ko Euskaldunak or Centro Basko Villegas.  And that means that it’s turning 20 this year, and we wanted to send them very deserved thanks.

This is because we never tire of championing and highlighting the work these Basque centers all over the world do, preserving the connection with their homeland, while showing their adopted homelands the best of our nation.  They are our best ambassadors, and we must never forget that.

The Centro Basko Villegas has a very active Facebook page sharing their activity.  But one of the things that most stands out when is two of their members, María Zatón and Diego Tellechea, explain the recipes of traditional Basque cuisine adapted to the environment these Basque have emigrated to.

We’ll leave you with this center’s Facebook page so you can see what they’re up to, and what the latest Basque-Argentine recipes are!

Last Updated on Mar 4, 2021 by About Basque Country

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