We’ve spoken on many occasions about the arborglyphs carved in the poplars of Idaho by Basque shepherds over the decades.  We’ve always found those stories fascinating, giving us an insight into their lives and into the loneliness those immigrants to the US felt during those long seasons alone, caring for their flocks, in the immense wilderness of the western US.

The cover of Sun Valley Serenade, a mystery novel set in the Wood River Valley. Image credit- Bryce Ternet
The cover of Sun Valley Serenade, a mystery novel set in the Wood River Valley. Image credit- Bryce Ternet

Eric Valentine tells us in his Wood River Weekly article about how M. Bryce Ternet, a community development director in Sun Valley (which we’ve blogged about many times) has written a new book, Sun Valley Serenade.

This work of fiction, a mystery tale, is based on authentic bit of Idaho history: the arborglyphs.  These inspired Ternet to develop a story about an old unsolved mystery whose secret was carved into the trees.  The story covers three time periods, all somehow linked to a Basque-American family, starting with an immigrant sheepherder in the 1880s and then a Basque boardinghouse in Hailey in the 1930s.

M. Bryce Ternet, since moving to Sun Valley some three years ago, collaborated with Professor John Bieter (who we’ve also spoken of on many occasions), who specializes in history and Basque-American studies at Boise State University, in looking for and registering the arborglyphs in the region.

Wood River Weekly – 16/12/2020 – USA

Basque-ing In The Valley

Next time you’re hiking or snowshoeing the Valley’s trails, pay close attention to the trees. That’s what Sun Valley community development director Bryce Ternet had done for years. His newly released book—Sun Valley Serenade—is the result.

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