We’ve commented on the global reach the Gazta-Tarta, or Basque burned cheesecake, has reached ever since it was first created at the La Viña Restaurant in San Sebastian and then reached worldwide fame in 2020 as Basque cuisine’s greatest hit.

And it really has gone global, to the point that Kim Severson has chosen it as the 2021 “Flavor of the Year” in a list article about the predictions for the world of cuisine in the rest of this year.

We’re sure that when they created this gazta-tarta at La Viña, they had no idea of the impact it would have around the world.  Now, not only is it quite clear that they were spot-on in created a desert to be enjoyed in every corner of the world, but they’ve also managed to add an important piece to the image of Basque gastronomy which is every more consolidated as one of the world’s leading cuisines.  It goes that much further to reinforcing the image of the Basque Country as the Culinary Nation.

New York Times – 22/12/2020 – USA

Predicting food trends is a dubious exercise in any year, but those who dabble in the dark art of culinary prognostication have never faced a landscape harder to read than 2021. Most forecasters agree that the pandemic and the stumbling economy will not deliver a year of frivolous food or “breakout” cuisines. There will be no next-gen Salt Bae or CBD-infused poke bowl doughnut ramen tacos to be optimized for Instagram.

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Gazta-Tarta . Alex Lau for Little Grace Bakery
Gazta-Tarta . Alex Lau for Little Grace Bakery

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