Luis Ubago is a friend of a good friend of ours, Santi Lorente. Yes, the same person who started up Tudela me pone (Tudela Turns Me On), the author of the Stories to Stay at Home, and of the 700 Murdered in La Ribera: Three Months of Terror series of articles telling of the suffering of those who lived through the Franoist insurrection in the La Ribera region in southern Navarre.

He, Santi Lorente, and another friend of his, Alfonso Aranda, were our guides during our stay in Tudela and the Bardenas Reales.  That visit was so special, we had to make two entries for our “Viewpoints” series.  The second entry was dedicated to our visit to that “desert” at the southern tip of our country.

The storm named Filomena hit us quite hard, on both sides of the Pyrenees, so hard, in fact, that it offered us sights that are hard to come by, such as the Bardenas Reales covered in a thick blanket of snow.

And that’s where Luis Ubago, whom we named earlier, comes in.  In addition to being a friend of Santi’s, he also knows the Bardenas like the back of his hand, and during these stormy days, he ventured into the park to take some pictures of the spectacular beauty of the snow-covered desert.

And he’s been so kind as to share some of those images with us, so that our readers can get an idea of just how beautiful it was.

We’ll leave you with the images, and a video we’ve prepared, for contrast.

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