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The newspaper Median Press, published in the town of the same name outside of Boise, Idaho, has written an article about a Basque restaurant that’s been open for 20 years now.

Holly Beech, the author of the article, has merged the story of this restaurant with the story of this Basque family, which came to the US in 1929 (a hard year to start a new life in the US) when Epifanía “Epi” Lamiquiz left the Basque Country for the New World.

As you can read in the article, this restaurant is not part of the heritage of the golden years of Basque shepherding in the West, but rather a new project that is having immense success.  And that means that the Basque cuisine of the Western US is really grabbing people’s interest, and that it’s still the authentic regional cuisine of the US between the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada.

Meridian press- 10/3/2017 – USA

Honoring Epi’s heritage at Meridian’s Basque restaurant

On the back of the drink menu at Epi’s Basque Restaurant is the story of how the restaurant got its name — a story that starts in 1929. That’s when Epifania “Epi” Lamiquis got on a boat with her young daughter and left the Basque region on the coast of Spain for a strange country, the United States, to reunite with her husband. The only word she knew in English was “coffee.”

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