We know we’ve said it a thousand times, but the New York Times is, for us, one of the international media that best transmits the image of the Basques, not only because they discuss the good, but they do so based on their own criteria, and no one else’s.

And today, in a magnificent article, Elaine Sciolino covers the highlights for the best shopping in the northernmost capital in the Basque Country, Bayonne.  We like it for two reasons: because it’s written based on her own criteria and because it shows off such a wonderful image of our country.  Moreover, she goes further afield to meet some local craftsmen and producers in other areas of Labourd, including Ascain (Basque cloth), Espelete (for their peppers), and Larressore (for the makilas).  She even got as far as Maule, the capital of Soule, to discover the home of the espadrille.

The article, which is thorough and detailed, is part of a series called “Global Shopping” in the paper.  We’re sure that not every shop, craftsman, or grower who deserved special attention actually made it into the article.  But we’re also sure that those who did are definitely worth the recommendation, and undoubtedly, a visit from us.

Since we’re hopelessly in love with the Northern Basque Country, we encourage all our readers to go visit and discover that side of our country.

Our only niggle is if there is a need to compare Bayonne, or the whole of the Northern Basque Country, with another place, it is not the Southern Basque Country, which cannot be defined as “choked with tourists.”  It has no more tourists that, for example, Biarritz in the summer.  Actually, the whole of the Basque Country offers an amazing sightseeing experience far from the touristy mainstays where the soul of the territory was lost long ago.  It is also true that some places, such as Bilbao and San Sebastian, could also be considered under risk.

Yet another article to add to the long list of magnificent articles that this newspaper has published about the Basques over the years.

New York Times – 23/12/2022 – USA

The Basque Country, a cultural and linguistic territory without formal borders, first evokes the tourist-choked provinces of northwestern Spain. But on the French side of the Pyrenees mountains is the less known and smaller Basque region with the Atlantic resort towns of Biarritz and St. Jean-de-Luz and of course, with its mellower vibe, Bayonne.

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