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You don’t need to be psychic to know that we are enthusiastic travelers of our own country.  Really, we’re discoverers, because thanks to our determination to bring new episodes to our “Viewpoints” section, we are, little by little, visiting all those hideaways in our nation that we’d been leaving off “for another day” because they were “just around the corner”.

That’s why we’d like to encourage all of our readers to take any opportunity to discover the beauty we have right here at home.  So, we’d like to encourage those of you who are still making plans for our upcoming Spring Break to include the smallest territory of the Seven among your options: Soule.

We took a trip there to film one of our “Viewpoints” episodes and we fell in love.  Now is the perfect time to get to know this tiny Basque province (only 760 km² / 290 mi²) of only 15,000 people that is, for many, the heart of the Land of the Basques.

We’ll leave you with the articles, photos, and videos we’ve taken on our trips.  We truly encourage you to get out and discover this extraordinary part of our nation.

Tourist info about Soule: here and here.

A journey to the heart of the Land of the Basques: Soule. A video and thoughts


Viewpoints: The Maskarada in Xiberoa (Soule) (Video)


Viewpoints: Kakueta.  The paradise that was a path to freedom (Soule) (video)


Viewpoints: Urdatx-Santa Grazi (Soule): Photos and Video


Fotografías de Xiberoa: Urdatx-Santa-Grazi y la Garganta de Kakueta


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